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Latest Publications

"The Divided Diplomat: Ralph Bunche and the Contradictions of Liberal Order." March/April 2023. Foreign Affairs. 
"The Du Bois Doctrine: Race and the American Empire." September/October 2022. Foreign Affairs.
"Africa Holds Up a Mirror to India: An Interview with Shobana Shankar." September 2022. Africa's a Country.
"Why is Sri Lanka in Turmoil?" July 2022. The Monkey Cage/ The Washington Post

"Protests Are Taking Over the World. What’s Driving Them?" October 2021. The New York Times.

"Why Did the Western Left Ignore Occupy Nigeria?" September 2021. Dissent.

"The Promise of Africa’s “Youth Bulge.” July 2021. Foreign Affairs. 

"Rebel Taxation. Between the Moral and Market Economy." In Rebel Economies: Warlords, Insurgents, Humanitarians. Edited by Nicola Di Cosmo, DIdier Fassin and Clemence Pinaud. 

"Racial Formations in Africa and the Middle East: A Transregional Approach." With Hisham Aidi and Marc Lynch. POMEPS Studies 44. 

"Protesting democracy in Africa: Popular movements and political transformation." 2021. In The Power of Populism and People: Resistance and Protest in the Modern World. Edited by Nathan Stoltzfus and Christopher Osmar.

“A World of Protest.” March 2021. United Nations University-WIDER.

"The Qualitative Transparency Deliberations: Research in Violent or Post-Conflict Settings." 2021. Perspectives on Politics. With Ana Arjona and Wendy Pearlman.




“A New Direction for U.S. Foreign Policy in Africa.” Dissent. October 2020. With Jason Stearns


“The Field is Everywhere.” 2020. In Szekely, Ora and Peter Krause. Stories from the Field: A Guide to Navigating Fieldwork in Political Science. New York: Columbia University Press.

“A Typology of Rebel Political Institutional Arrangements.” 2020. Journal of Conflict Resolution. With Megan A. Stewart.


“And the Twain Shall Meet: Connecting Africa and the Middle East.” 2020. Framing essay for the POMEPS Collection, Africa and the Middle East: Beyond the Divides. With Hisham Aidi and Marc Lynch.


“The Role of Civilians in Preventing and Mitigating Mass Atrocities.” 2020. The Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide, US Holocaust Memorial Museum.




“Resistance and Repression under the Rule of Rebels: Women, Clergy and Civilian Agency in LTTE Governed Sri Lanka.” 2019. Journal of Comparative Politics. With Nimmi Gowrinathan. 


“After Bashir: How Sudan Can Heal From Decades of Dictatorship.” 2019. Foreign Affairs. 

“Africa’s Road to Democracy.” 2019. Jacobin. With Adam Branch. 

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